Aventurers Photography Honor

Aventurers Photography Honor

Today, the Adventurers continued with part two of the photography honor.  The second part was a more hands-on activity for the Adventurers to learn how to correctly take a quality picture.  The honor assignment consisted of each child participating in a photo nature scavenger hunt.  The Adventurers each brought their own camera and took pictures of items on our scavenger hunt checklist, such as a rock, twig, soil, leaves, grass, and flower.  The Adventurers had fun getting to spend time outside with friends and taking pictures of nature’s beautiful wonders.


Adventurers learning how to use the different features of their camera to view the pictures they took.


One Adventurer’s perspective of a tree bark.


Stopping to take a picture of God’s simple yet wondrous artwork, grass.


Found a small patch of soil.